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Richard Torrance

The Record Years
Liner Notes

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The music on this CD is a compilation of some of my favorite songs, which were written by me and recorded between 1972 and1979. I had two major record contracts during that time. Three albums with Shelter Records (which was owned by Leon Russell and Denny Cordell) and four albums with Capitol Records. One of the Shelter albums was picked up by the Phillips label in Holland and was released in Europe only. One of the Capitol albums was a live recording of my touring band recorded at The Boarding House in San Francisco. It was produced for the Lee Abrams FM radio chain and not intended for public distribution. The other five albums were national releases and sold in major record outlets. The song I am most famous for is "Rio de Janeiro Blue". It was released on my album "Bareback" in 1977. Two very talented female vocalists, Nicolette Larson and Randy Crawford also recorded it, both on Warner Bros. Records. Fortunately, Randy Crawford's version went worldwide, selling over 800,000 copies. I was very blessed to have worked with some of the most talented and famous people in Los Angeles during my recording career. Musicians such as Jeff Porcaro, Billy Payne, Sammy Clayton, Wilton Felder, David Hungate, Freddy Tackett, Harvey Mason and Earnie Watts played on the sessions. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I enjoyed recording and re-releasing them for you.

The mastering of this CD was accomplished with the original vinyl records, not the master tapes. The sound was cleaned up as much as possible with modern technology, but there is still some album noise. The mixes were not enhanced in any way.

Special thanks: My wife, Krista, for her unending love, support and encouragement; Jon Kirch, for contributing his time and effort to clean up the records; Mike Sak at "Kill the Messenger Studios" for digital re-mastering.

7 albums

1. Eureka, 1972 Shelter Records (distributed by MCA) Produced by Manx Productions

2. Belle of the Ball, 1973 Shelter Records (distributed by MCA) Produced by Manx Productions

3. Living Today, 1975 Philips Records (European Release) Produced by Manx Productions

4. Bareback, 1977 Capitol Records, Produced by John Haeny & R.T.

5. Double Take, 1978 Capitol Records, Produced by John Carter & R.T.

6. Anything's Possible, 1978 Capitol Records, Produced by Duane Scott & R.T.

7. R.T. Live at the Boarding House in San Francisco, 1978 Capitol Records (recorded for FM radio release only) Produced by John Haeny & R.T.